The Bucket List

  1. x Learn Spanish
  2. x Learn Chinese
  3. x Learn Japanese
  4. x Learn Korean
  5. x Learn French
  6. x Live in another country
  7. √ Start a nonprofit organization
  8. x Be a movie/commercial editor
  9. √ Start a blog about the time I live in the world
  10. √ Start a photography blog
  11. x Be in a movie/commercial
  12. √ Video channel “How to draw/write as a beginner”
  13. √ Be an instructor
  14. x Have a paper published in a top journal
  15. √ Be a coffee shop owner
  16. x Run a cultural space  for the young
  17. x Read 1000 books ( about 16 books/year)
  18. x Become a professor
  19. x Start a company
  20. √ Join a start-up
  21. x Fall in love
  22. x Build my own home (Riverside with a garden)
  23. x Build parents’ old-age home ( in Dalat)
  24. x Become a parent (3 children)
  25. x Walking travel with my boyfriends
  26. x Get married to somebody I love
  27. x Go on a trip around lovely Vietnam with my whole family
  28. x Go on a trip overseas with my whole family
  29. x Take a hot-air balloon ride
  30. x Ride a powerful motor along a frontier
  31. x Swim a mile
  32. x Kiss a strange, handsome guy =))))
  33. x Yoga
  34. x My own fashion brand
  35. x Run a half marathon
  36. √Be in a self-organized concert
  37. x Fly an airplane
  38. x Scream in a concert
  39. x Write books
  40. √ Take a long walk in the rain
  41. √ Run in the rain
  42. x Travel around lovely Vietnam (Northwest, Central Coastal Region, Central Highlands, Northwest)
  43. x Sleep in an old castle
  44. x Sleep outside on the beach, under the sky
  45. x Sing on the beach, video record
  46. x Camp in a desert
  47. √ Camp in strange place
  48. x Sing in a wedding
  49. x Learn to dance
  50. x Learn to play a music instrument ( 3x)
  51. √ Compose a musical play and be a singer in
  52. x Learn Vietnam true history
  53. x Go to space
  54. √ Work in a café
  55. x Travel Southeast Asia
  56. x Travel Africa
  57. x Sail around…
  58. √Be a minimalist
  59. x Travel around Eastern Europe
  60. x Visit 100 countries
  61. x Go to the South Pole or the North Pole
  62. x Climb The Great Wall, China
  63. x Attend TED
  64. x Meet the Pope
  65. x Meet a prince
  66. x Meet Dalai Lama
  67.  √ Be awesome
  68. √Translate book
  69. x 30 under 30

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